Seven truths about ninepin bowling

  1. Come to play bowling with a good mood and a calm mind.
  2. Play bowling in sports clothes. Preferably a short tracksuit and sneakers with rubber soles.
  3. Play alone on the court and if possible practice at least one hour at a time, twice a week. Concentrate on every throw and don’t let extraneous factors distract you.
  4. Remember that a good result consists of the sum of the following:
    • good concentration 50%
    • good mood 30%
    • physical fitness 20%
  5. Watch your movements while bowling. Try to throw all throws with one strength and similar movement. Write the results and misses in a notebook. Analyze results after training.
  6. Be sure to shower after your workout. If possible, use a sauna, which relaxes muscles and reduces muscle and joint pain. Be sure to do stretching exercises to avoid muscle soreness later.
  7. Bowling is a sport for ladies and gentlemen, where all the customs, cleanliness and order of good company apply.

How to make a throw?

  1. Pick up the bowling ball with your left hand (not your throwing hand).
  2. Go calmly (without rushing) to the starting place and set your feet in place (so that the bat to be thrown, the center of the end of the rolling lane of the swing sector and the ball in the throwing hand are in one line – straight).
  3. Take a few deep breaths.
  4. Think through the motion of the throw and choose the best place where the bowling ball should hit.
  5. Memorize the spot and believe with 100% certainty that the bowling ball will hit the right spot.
  6. Take your eyes from the bowling pins to the place where the ball is to be placed while inhaling at the same time.
  7. Perform the throw in three steps, as smoothly and strongly as possible.
  8. After the throw, stay in the lowest possible position and receive the throw with a “long” hand in the direction of the throw.
  9. Vaata rahulikult ära eelmise viske tulemus. Ebaõnnestumise korral unusta see koheselt.